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Honeycomb boards

Sustainable Materials Wood and Alternatives

SWAP Sachsen Swap Sachsen offers laminated and non-laminated honeycomb boards. Tip: Already used by set construction: If you have primed the panels on both sides, you can simply paint or wallpaper them without them bending. Thickness from 5mm to 30mm. This ...


Sustainable Materials Wood and Alternatives

LivingBoard P5 LivingBoard P5 are Formaldehyde-free glued particleboard, type P5 in accordance with EN 312, suitable for load-bearing purposes in damp areas. This product needs pictures, more informations and testimonials form the field. SWISS KRONO OSB Boa...

Fm4F Groups

Filmmakers for Future Services

The Filmmakers for Future Groups provide a platform for interested people to exchange ideas about sustainability in the film industry. Screenshot of the groups platform (unclear copyright status) Using our Groups Registration The registration process is ...

Fm4F Meet

Filmmakers for Future Services

Meet is our platform for video conferences and remote meetings. Screenshot of the Meet platform (unclear copyright status) Access  In most cases you will receive links to meetings on this platform, for example on the Groups. However, if you need an accoun...

Fm4F Cloud

Filmmakers for Future Services

Our Cloud can be used to share files with other members or work on documents together. Screenshot of the Fm4F Cloud (unclear copyright status) Access  If you require access to our cloud, please send an email to   Software ...

Fm4F Events

Filmmakers for Future Services

We use to issue tickets to the events we host.  Screenshot of the Fm4F Events (unclear copyright status) Access  If you need an account to issue tickets for an event, please send an email to   Software The...

Fm4F Knowledge Hub

Filmmakers for Future Services

The Knowledge Hub is the platform you are using right now! Screenshot of the Fm4F Knowledge Hub (unclear copyright status) Using the Knowledge Hub Concept Think of the Knowledge Hub as a library. We have shelves and, of course, books filled with chapters...


Filmmakers for Future

Filmmakers for Future was formed after a few of us made a video for the German Fridays for Future movement and were dissatisfied with how our industry was handling the climate crises. At that time, many "for Future" groups were formed with the goal of support...