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Fm4F Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is the platform you are using right now!

Knowledge Hub Screenshot.png

Screenshot of the Fm4F Knowledge Hub (unclear copyright status)

Using the Knowledge Hub


Think of the Knowledge Hub as a library. We have shelves and, of course, books filled with chapters and pages. However, there is one peculiarity! A single book can be on several shelves at the same time, if it thematically fit into several areas.


To register an account and start adding books and shelves visit the registration page and fill out the form. Make sure to check your mailbox to verify your email address and you can start editing right away! However, before doing so, be sure to read the books on the shelf Information for Editors (link only works if you are logged in).



The Knowledge Hub uses the open source software BookStack. It is published under the MIT License and its source code can be viewed on GitHub.