Filmmakers for Future

The goal of Filmmakers for Future is to minimize the environmental impact of the global film industry.


Filmmakers for Future was formed after a few of us made a video for the German Fridays for Future movement and were dissatisfied with how our industry was handling the climate crises.

At that time, many "for Future" groups were formed with the goal of supporting youth in their struggle for appropriate climate policies. Like many of these groups, we started with a simple statement, which is still our rallying point today.

As time went by, more and more projects were started and our goal to push our own industry forward became increasingly clear.



Fm4F Groups

The Filmmakers for Future Groups provide a platform for interested people to exchange ideas about sustainability in the film industry.

Screenshot of the Groups Platform

Screenshot of the groups platform (unclear copyright status)

Using our Groups


The registration process is simple. Go to, enter your email address in the registration form and check your inbox. To ensure that the groups remain a place for professional filmmakers, we will review your registration and activate your account within a few minutes to a few days.


The Groups use a concept called Spaces to categories posts depending on their topic. You can think of them as groups like on certain other social networks. 

To see a list of all available spaces, press the Directory button in the navigation bar. 

Directory Button.png

Screenshot of the groups platform (unclear copyright status)

Then choose Spaces in the directory menu.

Groups Directory menu.png

Screenshot of the groups platform (unclear copyright status)

You will see a list of the available spaces. You can follow them to see only the public posts of a space (e.g. important announcements) or join the discussions by clicking on a space and pressing Become a member.



The Filmmakers for Future Groups platform uses the open source social network kit HumHub. It is published under the GNU Affero General Public License (version 3) licence and its source code can be viewed on GitHub.




Fm4F Meet

Meet is our platform for video conferences and remote meetings.